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  • Bi-Weekly Group Meetings
  • 5 Business Owners per Group
  • 1 PROFESSIONAL Coach/Facilitator
  • Goals & Accountability
  • Solutions to Challenges
  • Six Pillars of Business Systems
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  • WEEKLY Coaching Sessions
  • 5 Business Owners per Group
  • 1 PROFESSIONAL Coach/Facilitator
  • Goals & Accountability
  • Solutions to Challenges
  • Six Pillars of Business Systems
  • Certified Business Coaching
  • USA (Ultimate Sales Advantage) Course
  • DISC Advantage Course
  • MVP Course (Mission, Vision and Purpose)

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The Diamond Mindset and Six Systems Needed for Business Success

“Dad always said ‘never give a promise without a plan.’ Dave Kauffman’s Freedom To Succeed gives you both a promise and a plan. As a business owner, you really can create a dream business! Dave gives the what, why and how…the rest is up to you—and you’re worth it!!”

—Tom Ziglar, CEO Ziglar, Inc.

In a style all his own, Dave Kauffman brings lofty ideas of entrepreneurship down to earth, giving readers practical success stories from growing up on a large farm to coaching business owners and speaking nationwide.


Client Results

What our clients are saying about EDGE for Business...

  • Joel Eschenbach

    "Before I joined EDGE, our business lacked direction. We were slowly growing, but my focus as the managing partner was all over the place. I didn't have a clear idea of where our business was headed. With the help of my EDGE coach and the other business owners in the group, I learned to set attainable, strategic goals. But more importantly, I had the accountability to actually accomplish them.

    Since joining EDGE, we've had a 60% increase in profits! If you're willing to put the time in, an EDGE group will take your business to the next level."

    Joel Eschenbach , Owner, NOTION Design Group
  • Paul Miller

    "I have been with the Edge Group calls for about 10 months now. It has definitely helped me deal with business issues. When I present challenges to the rest of the group I usually get some ideas that I haven’t thought of . Dave and Ron are skilled at directing us to face our problems and getting them resolved. My focus has majorly changed to build my employees and the employees will build the business. By focusing on a challenge every week and having a support group to help me resolve it, my business stress has gone way down. Now I sometimes have a hard time coming up with a challenge to resolve.

    Since being on the weekly call Dave and Ron have helped me change my focus from solving problems to building up employees. When you build up and empower your employees they will take care of your business. Dave and Ron are very skilled at helping me dissect my challenges to pinpoint where changes are needed. Being on the call with fellow business owners each sharing their challenges gets you thinking in new ways about your own issues. If you have business or employee problems I would definitely recommend this program."

    Paul Miller , Custom Steel Designs

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    Meet The Team

    Professional, Personal & Dynamic

    • Dave Kauffman

      “My main goal is to help you and your business do whatever it takes to accomplish long-term success in your industry!”

      Dave has helped small businesses owners across the country by empowering their dreams of truly owning their business instead of being OWNED by the business. He has been coached and continues to learn from some of the worlds best small business coaches, Howard Partridge, Mark Ehrlich, “Inner Circle Member” and belongs to Team Phenomenal , and is a huge fan of Zig Ziglar He guarantees that your business will change if you implement just some of the great information and tips you will receive if you attend our events, or your money back!

      More About Dave
    • Ron Klein

      The Grandfather of Possibilities™

      Ron has worked as a team member with Empowering Small Business since 2013. Dave and Ron work together on the EDGE Business Development Program at the platinum level. They guide their clients through a series of assessments, to develop the systems and methodology necessary to deal with the challenges of the Six Pillars of Business.

      More About Ron
    • Teresa Bueno

      "A business starts as a little spark of an idea... if that spark is started and managed right, then a company can mature into an independent entity."

      Teresa Bueno has founded or cofounded multiple ventures. Her companies have been as varied as her interest: drafting/design; a RE/Max real estate brokerage; professional photography; a distance education school; life and business coaching; and most recently a $60 million, 750 acre eco-adventure resort in Costa Rica. Whether it is a potholder business or a multi-million dollar project, Teresa Bueno's passion is for the manifestation of intended outcomes that benefit self and others. She loves to help small business owners succeed in having the business results they dream of having.

      More About Teresa
    • Raj Doraisamy

      “Its not about the technology - its about what the technology must do to your bottom line and customer service satisfaction."

      Raj Doraisamy is a CPA turned technologist. His role is managing special projects at Empowering Small business. He also manages the technology used in training programs. He uses his background in software development to help keep Empowering Small Business Coaches equipped with easy to use effective tools.

      More About Raj
    • Barbara Dee

      EDGE Peer Group Master Certified Coach

      Barbara is an experienced small business coach and life coach. She is on the EDGE Coach Training and Development team and is a resource and mentor to EDGE Certified Coaches. She is a graduate and former faculty member of Coach U, and achieved the highest professional coaching credential: the International Coaching Federation Master Certified Coach.

      More About Barbara