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Does your business own you?

You probably started your business with hopes of financial freedom and the flexibility to live a meaningful life with the people you love. Instead, you find yourself overwhelmed and working tirelessly to satisfy a demanding business that steals all of your valuable time.

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“My main goal is to help you and your business do whatever it takes to accomplish long-term success in your industry!”

Dave Kauffman

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Client Results

  • "I am privileged to work with Dave in bringing business success tools with energy and enthusiasm to the followers of Empowering Small Business.

    When small businessmen and women are within his influence they always leave more prepared and optimistic for their future success."

    - Tom Ziglar | CEO, Ziglar Inc.
  • "Entrepreneurs are not the most balanced business people. We have our strengths and fuel the company with passion, but a solid, practical and inspiring business coach is priceless. Dave doesn't come in like a know-it-all consultant, he really does empower small business owners to excel."

    - Barbara Dee | Suncoast Digital Press, Inc.
  • "David is an excellent speaker and coach. His Ziglar Certification plus his vast experience as a small business owner and entrepreneur make him an asset to any company. Personally, and professionally, he is at the top of his field."

    - Bryan Flanagan | Executive Sales Educator
  • "Dave is one coach that helps you get through the hype and put procedures in place that will help you grow and also have a exit strategy. If your the one that makes your business run. He will help turn it around so you get time freedom to do more of what you want . If your ready for someone to ask you those hard questions. He is your man!!"

    - Paul J Gingerich | SLV Roofing Service
  • "David is a quality person who has a genuine interest in helping others achieve their personal and professional best. He is an exceptional communicator, trainer and entrepreneur. He has a great understanding of what it takes to succeed as a small business owner.

    I would highly recommend David's services/workshops to anyone who wants to build a successful business."

    - Sharon Cirillo CPII CPIW | President at Alliance Insurance
  • "The EDGE Coaching Program has been a huge blessing for us and our company. The coaching has helped us set up effective systems, a structured bonus program which is has increased employee retention, and a referral program within our company that has already been put into place and is going to be HUGE for our companies.

    I highly recommend EDGE, it will pay itself back within a couple months! We love it!"

    - LaVern Zook | L&L Roofing
  • "We really enjoyed the afternoon he spent with a team of New Horizons Thrift Store staff from Colorado. A very good hands on way of understanding the personalities of each team player."

    - Terence Wagler | Terry's Lawn and Landscape LLC
  • "David Kauffman has spoken at many of our meetings he is captivating, keeps on point, has great audience reaction and delivers a meaningful message."

    - Tracey Parnell

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