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Are you frantically trying to come up with a plan?

Maybe you're asking these questions...

  • Should I lay off some of my people?
  • Do I close my business during this time?
  • Should I cut down on my expenses?
  • Do I ramp up my marketing?
  • Should I borrow money or get a loan?
  • Maybe I should change my business model?
It's difficult to know what to do in this unprecedented time.

It's time to pivot and attack business from a new angle

You are still in the game of business and the worst thing you can do is become paralyzed with fear and anxiety. The best thing you can do is pivot and attack from a different perspective.
In our group strategy session, you will:
  • Learn the most effective thing to do right now
  • Get direct access to world-class coaches
  • Learn from up to 9 other business owners
  • Leave with an action-plan to grow your business
  • Learn where you should be spending or saving money

Our coaches have thrived through difficult times

They have the experience and knowledge to help you

Dave Kauffman

Human Behavior Consultant, Business Coach, Ziglar Legacy Trained & Certified
“My main goal is to help you and your business do whatever it takes to accomplish long-term success in your industry!”

My story began on a large farm in rural GA. It was there that I discovered I was an entrepreneur at the ripe age of 6 years old. I and my very first business partner/sister started my first business together. It was a lemonade stand. Today I own several businesses, all of which are debt free and profitable. I am a pilot, diver, and inventor, and have spoken to many organizations and am featured on air as well as in print media.

Don Thompson

Business Consultant, Small Business Coach
Don Thompson attended Florida State and has had a 20+ year career in Operations and Sales. He specializes in strategic planning, procedures, organization design, procedures, bench marking and asset management. Successfully working with C-Level Executives, Don has worked with many multi-million dollar organizations winning awards along the way. A proud Army Veteran, with a love of the outdoors, he is currently focused on consulting and coaching small business owners to their potential.

Ray Zimmermen

Empowering Small Business Certified Coach, Business Owner & DISC Certified
Ray Zimmerman is a current business owner and employer. He Is an Empowering Small Business Certified Coach and DISC level 1 certified. Ray is a husband of 20 years, and father to 5 boys and 5 girls.

Don't be paralyzed with fear and anxiety during these uncertain times

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