12 Ways To Get Your Employees To Do What It Is You Want Them To Do When You Want Them To Do It

12 Ways To Get Your Employees To Do What It Is You Want Them To Do When You Want Them To Do It

Put your seatbelts on… We are going to go through this really quickly.

How do you motivate your employees?

Here’s 12 Ways To Get Your Employees To Do What It Is You Want Them To Do When You Want Them To Do It

1.You need to attract the right people.

Get the right people on the bus and then find the right seat for them.

Be a picture of success so that you can attract the right kind of people.

You need to look for a sparkle in their eye.

You need to look for people that want to change.

When I actually hire people, I look for 3 things. People that are willing to learn, they are willing to change, and they want to grow. I look for those 3 areas because you hire a character. You can train all you want, but if they don’t have the character to back that up then you probably do not need them in your organization.

You need to attract the right people into your company and to attract the right people into your company you need to be the right person.

2.You need to create a positive culture within your company. In one of my services companies our culture is 2 words, “Perfection and Serving.”

That is the culture that we have built in our company and we talk about it. We bring our employees into that culture. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

So is your culture inclusive? Is it bringing people in? Is it educational? What is the culture of your business?

The cool thing about owning your own business is you get to choose it. It is your boat. You get to bring in the people on your boat who you want to, but you steer it wherever you are wanting to go. Remember that. That your business can be whatever you want it to be.

Create a positive culture.

3.Live out the culture. You as a small business owner have to live out the culture that you want.

If you want honesty, you have to be an honest person. If you want excellence you have to strive for excellence.

If you want perfection you have to strive for perfection. Be a shining example yourself of what it is that you want your culture to be and then you need to get your employees involved in that whole process.

If your attitude is contagious, when a leader is upbeat in the face of discouraging circumstance, other people (your employees, your colleagues, your clients) will notice that and they will admire that quality and they will want to be like you.

People have a tendency to adopt the attitudes of those they spend the most time with, to pick up on their mindset, beliefs, and approaches to challenge.

4.Be interested in their dreams and goals.

Really, the reason we as small business owners hire people is so that we can get more work done. What is the reason we want to get more work done?

That is so we can more quickly and more effectively reach our life goals. Howard Partridge, my good friend and my business coach, says that your business exists for only one reason and one reason alone and that is to help you reach your life goals.

  • What are your life goals?
  • Have you clearly defined what your life goals are?

Now let’s put a twist on this.

  • What are your employee’s life goals?
  • What is their dream?
  • Do you even know?

They are helping you reach yours and you should be helping them reach theirs. It is more than just about a paycheck folks.

It is about changing lives and it is about helping them reach their goals because they are helping you reach your goals. To inspire or motivate someone into their own greatness is one of the most amazing gifts that you can give to somebody else.

Each and every person has skills, talents, and ideas for which they have hopes and dreams.

If we can just be a small part of helping somebody else find their greatness and find themselves, to see the possibilities and to move them forward and to break the barriers that will give their dreams life, we have caused the world to become a better place.

Now isn’t that what you would want to have on your tombstone, that you caused the world to become a better place? That is what I want. That is what you should want. It is not about just getting the work done timely.

It is about being responsible. It is about being a leader. It is about changing lives within your organizations. You need to take the approach that your employees are not a tool, they are a person and they are your greatest asset.

I tell them all the time that your #1 job description is to become the best person that you can be, the best version of themselves that they can be. They are not a tool. They are not something that we use to make money.

We change lives. Be interested in their goals and in their dreams.

5.Make them a part of the vision.

In one of my services companies, our vision is to be the most recognized name in the cleaning industry in the southwest Florida region, recognized for its high quality cleaning technicians, for outstanding service, and becoming the industries employer of choice. That is our vision.

That is where we want to go. What is the vision of your company? Have you clearly spelled it out? Or is it just on a plaque on the wall in your office where your employees can’t see it?

Your employees need to know where it is that you want to take this company because if they have a clear mission and a vision of what it is that you are trying to accomplish, they are going to help you fulfill that. They want to feel included in your business.

They want more than just a paycheck. Make them part of the vision. Bring them in. Howard Partridge says the #1 leadership secret is community and building that community. Bring your people in. TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More.

Are you building a team or are you a one-man show with employees? You need to have a team. Ask your team this: If we could have and create the perfect company, whatever company it is that you have, how would that company look? Then you listen.

You listen to what your technicians say because they are out there in the field. They know what is going on. They want to help your company grow. Bring them in to the community and to the vision.

6.Show them the purpose.

  • Why do we do what we do within our company?
  • What is the reason we do this?
  • Why are we even a plumber or why are we even a cleaning company?
  • What is it?
  • What are we trying to accomplish?

I tell our staff all the time in my cleaning company that we are not a cleaning company. They look at me cross-eyed, the new ones, and they say well what are we?

I tell them we are a relationship company. We build relationships. I ask them “What do we do?” and they say “Well, we clean houses.” I say “No we don’t. We do not clean houses. We provide freedom for homeowners to let them do what is more important to them than cleaning their own house.

We are freedom givers. We are relationship managers.” Why do you do what you do in your company? Do your employees know it? Do you even know it? That is important. You see, in life lots of people know what to do, but few people actually do what they know. Knowing is not enough. You must take action.

7.You have to have a functional system for your employees to work in.

The system must have a mission, it must have values, it must have a job description, and it must have policies and procedures.

If it does not have any of those 4, you do not have an effective system. They have to have a system. They have to feel safe. They have to understand what it is that you are trying to accomplish.

Have a functional system.

8.A common mistake that a lot of small business owners make is they overpay their employees. Do not overpay.

I like the idea of keeping their salary or their hourly rate low and then give them opportunities for reward bonuses. Give them upsell opportunities. Help them help themselves. Help them become a better person.

Help them become a better salesperson. Help them become a better plumber or whatever it is that you do. Help them help the company grow and at that point then the reward for doing that is more money for their paycheck.

Don’t overpay. Incentivize them. Put that carrot in front of them and dangle it in front of them and let them know that the sky is the limit, that they can actually make whatever it is that they want to make.

Don’t overpay your employees, but certainly don’t underpay them as well.

9.This one is very practical. You need to spend time with them.

You need to know their kids. You need to know their family, their spouses. You need to know what it is that they want to do. Christmas parties. Take them to the ballgame.

Take them to Mary Kay and have them pampered and don’t let them drive. Take them in a limo. Spend time with them. People would rather do business with a friend.

Are you a friend to your employees, to your technicians, or do you view them just as a tool for you to make money so you can reach your dreams? If you do that, they are not going to be effective. Sure, they might do the job, but you know what?

At 5 o’clock they turn you off and they are not worried about the company. It is only an 8 to 5 job. You want employees that are engaged in their job, that are part of the management team. Even if they are at the lowest level of your team, you want them involved.

Get to know your employees. Bond with them and find out what makes them happy in life. Find out what it is that gets their motor running. If you care for them just like you care for your wife, your husband, your siblings, or your child, you will quickly realize that not only will they work really hard for you, they will be happy to work really hard for you.

They will become involved in your business.

10.Find a way to reward them, because behavior rewarded is behavior repeated.

Let me say that again. Behavior rewarded is behavior repeated. What motivates people to do their best work, to go the extra mile? Broadly speaking, there are 2 kinds of factors that shape employee engagement. You have the extrinsic reward, which is pay raise, bonuses, plaques, recognition, something given to them tangible.

That is an extrinsic reward. The intrinsic rewards are the psychological rewards that fuel engagement by providing a positive emotional charge. What are you depositing into your employee’s emotional being? Kinds words and/or recognition.

For example, “Hey Susie. I saw that you spent extra time with that client and you really made her day. Thanks a lot. I noticed that you did a great job. Thank you Susie.” That is an intrinsic reward.

Those are the psychological rewards that fuel their emotional being and if we can have healthy emotional people it will increase your productivity in your business tremendously.

Another way is to have an award program like employee of the month, technician of the month, or whatever reward system.

People love to be recognized and appreciated even over a healthy paycheck.

11.Educating and training employees. Now I am going to say something that is going to be very bold and direct. If our employees do not do what it is that we want them to do, it is our fault.

It is your fault.

If your employees do not do what you want them to do, it is your fault. Not theirs, yours. Repeat this several times until you believe it, because it is your fault and not theirs.

It would be nice to be able to blame our employees. They can’t read your mind. The problem is, you have not clearly outlined and defined their job description and what it is that you expect them to do.

So it is your fault. You need to change your way of outlining your business and your job descriptions to get your employees to do what it is that you want them to do.

They need to know that.

12.Be a purifier. There are 2 types of people that can work for you. Polluters or purifiers. You want the purifiers precisely.

Polluters are like smokestacks. They are always bellowing out doom and gloom and grime. They are always complaining. They are never engaged. They are late. They take in dirty air and they give our dirty air.

Purifiers on the other hand are going to be around the same people, but they are going to be a purifier. They are going to take in and what they bring out is going to be pure. It is going to be encouraging. It is going to be positive.

You want the purifiers in your business. When you spend time with others do they walk away feeling better or worse about their life or about themselves. Do you clear the air and give them a fresh perspective and a positive encouragement, or do they go away feeling gloomy?

Watch how people respond to you and you will know what kind of person you are. Are you a purifier or are you a polluter? Everything matters. Little things matter. What you say, how you say it, how you handle yourself.

Everything matters.

I just wanted to share that with you. Thank you so much for reading. For Empowering Small Business, my name is Dave Kauffman.

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