Mind Your Own Business

Mind Your Own Business

Yes, that’s right. Mind your own business, because if you don’t who will? In a world that is full of distractions, sales calls, soccer games, leaky faucets, sick kids, aging parents, economic difficulties, etc., our mind is not on our business 24-7, nor should it be, but we need to mind our own business.

Those of you that know me know that I am always working on my business and not in it. When you own your business one of the worst things we get caught up in is being distracted from what needs to be done by the owner and we get busy doing things that employees should be doing. Stop that.

Let me ask you some questions. If you are doing the work day after day, who is doing the marketing? Who is doing the planning? Who is doing the training? Who is developing systems? Who is setting goals? Who is? It is not your employees. They do not have your dream. Most business employees have only one thing in mind and that is 5 o’clock. They want to trade time for a paycheck. Most of them.

If you learn how to mind your own business, you will have employees that will grab a hold of your vision, accomplish the mission, and they will grow your business. Minding your business involves planning, developing leaders from within your organization, and coaching your employees. It involves leadership.

You can’t lead properly if you do not have a plan, a goal, or a dream. As a business owner, you are a bridge builder. A bridge is a way to get to your dream.

Building Your Dreams

Let me start by telling you a story. It starts like this… Once upon a time a young man wanted to buy an island. It was the most beautiful island. Although he had never actually been there, he would sit for hours and look at the island from the mainland and he would dream. Some day he will own that island.

He had a dream. He wanted to own the island. He needed a plan so he developed a plan, which was to build a bridge. No small task right? So he set some goals. This is very important! It always starts with a dream, then develop a plan, and finally set the goals. His first goal was to set the first pillar for the bridge.

Let me ask you a question. What is your pillar? What is your first goal? He focused on this project with 100% determination. You see, when you set a goal and implement the procedure things will happen in your business.

It was not long until the young man reached his first goal. He set the first pillar. Yay! But he still had a dream to catch, an island to reach. Now, he must connect the mainland to the first pillar. Lots of hard work, but he had momentum on his side. He was on a role. So he set another goal. He needs to set the main pillar.

He has come a long way. He is much further along than the other young man on the mainland just by having a dream, developing a plan, and setting goals. When you set the goal, the fly is the dream. It is the island, or it could be an airplane or whatever your dream is.

Your goals will be reached more easily and sometimes seamlessly if you work facing your dream. The young man had purpose in his heart and never worked with his back to the island, his dream. Keep it in front of you. Never abandon your dream.

Soon he had the middle pillar set and started connecting the first pillar to the second pillar. He was halfway to his dream. The island was getting closer. He could hear the birds. He could almost feel the sand between his toes. He could almost feel the hammock swaying in the breeze.

You see, he never stopped dreaming and this is very important. He is so focused on building his bridge that he does not even notice the remains of an unfinished bridge in the distance. In fact, there are hundreds of unfinished, poorly planned bridges that fell, all due to a lack of planning or maybe the reason was because the pillars (goals) were too far apart.

Some of the bridges were not even aimed at the island. Talk about not having a dream!

The young man already had another goal set. He had a plan. He had a dream. “Let’s set the third and final pillar,” he called out to his team. You see, when you have a dream, a plan, and when you set goals to reach them, people and opportunities are attracted to you. People like goal setters. People really like goal reachers. People like dreams.

The young man started developing leaders on his team and increased productivity. The project was going great. Everyone understood what the mission was. Everyone captured the young man’s vision. They loved building this bridge.

This bridge was different.

His bridge was going somewhere (no pun intended). The other bridges they had worked on were bridges to nowhere. They did not realize it until they got to the halfway point so they gave up. They quit.

Over 50% of all businesses fail within the first year. Why do you think that is? Could it be that without a plan it has a greater chance of failing? Or is it a lack of a dream? Or not setting the proper goals? What about your numbers? Do you know how much it costs you to be in business per day? How much profit did your company bring in last month? Do you know?

Finally, the day came when the bridge was complete and as the last form was laid, the last concrete poured, the final paint was applied, and the young man stepped from the bridge to the island, he was filled with an emotion that only dream reachers ever experience.

Suddenly, all the hard work, all the planning, and all the team building seemed like nothing. It seemed as if it was yesterday that he started this journey. The journey of accomplishment. The journey of personal development. The journey of goal reaching. The journey to the island.

The young man walked around the island and found the island to be all that he had ever imagined it to be. Lots of birds, flowers, and fruit. An untouched paradise. He kept walking, living his dream. He came to an opening in the trail and as he kept walking he could hear the waves coming on to the shore.

Suddenly, he found himself looking at the most tranquil scene he had ever seen. The water was a beautiful green-blue. Dolphins were jumping. The sand was white. Coconuts were everywhere. But what really caught his attention? Way off in the other distance was another island.

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