What Is A Mission Statement?

What Is A Mission Statement?

A mission statement is an organization’s way to explain to the public the reason for its existence and what it hopes to achieve.

We are not talking about the bottom line here. Most people would realize making money and expanding influence is a primary motivator.

The mission statement is about providing a call to action that resonates with your employees and clients and encourages them to take the time to participate and contribute to your vision.

Why have a mission statement? There are several reasons to take the time to craft a clear mission statement for your business, which benefit both your efforts and building a vibrant business and to help people understand what they can expect from participating in it.

  1. Transparency. By being up front about the purpose of the business you are creating, you can ensure your employees and clients trust your motives and feel comfortable investing their time and/or money.
  2. Focus. To write a good mission statement, you are going to have to condense your reasons for creating your business. It will help you understand who you are trying to reach and narrow your scope, which will make success more achievable.
  3. Motivation. By defining who the business is for, the mission statement will encourage engagement by making a compelling argument for participation on the part of your employees and clients.
  4. Leadership. As the business owner, it is your responsibility to lead by example and set the tone of the business by defining its purpose. You are making a commitment to your potential employees and clients.
  5. Unity. People tend to rally around a clear vision. If you don’t step up and state what the business should stand for, you run the risk that there will be either confusion or some employees may split off with their own vision, running counter to what you are trying to achieve.
  6. Protection. Having a strong mission statement will give you something to refer to internally. If your business comes under attack you will be able to stand up for your company with confidence and learn objectives to argue your case.
  7. You will be able to lead by mission, not be emotion. Everything that we do in our company we should be able to ask ourselves the question, “Does this help fulfill our mission?” Whether we hire, whether we fire, whether we purchase, whether we sell. Everything should go to the mission statement. Lead by mission, not by emotion.

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