What Would You Do?

What Would You Do?

The ABC Show “What Would You Do?” is a human behavior show.

All of the scenarios that they act out are relevant to today’s social and moral standings and they test people on how they would react to different scenarios. Some fail drastically while others restore our faith in humanity.

It is a very interesting show.

Some are crippled by political correctness and do nothing because they do not want to offend someone, even if that person is clearly in the wrong.

Some are like pit bulls and attack the issue dead on, others are much more diplomatic and may approach with a question and try and resolve it that way, while others just act like they never saw it take place.

I have one name for those kinds of people… Cowards.

The question is, what would you do? How do you handle difficult situations? Should you get involved?

In my humble opinion, we have been crippled by the politically correct and empowered the wrong. I believe in a right and wrong concept. There are differences in opinions, but that is not what I am talking about.

What I am referring to is guiding principles. What tells you “Now that is just wrong” or “That is right”?

It is okay to hurt someone’s feelings if they were wrong? Of course not, but can we point out where we think they are wrong and do it in a positive way? I wish, but we are required to keep quiet. Again, I am not talking about if someone made a mistake or a bad business decision.

I am speaking of real issues that the nation is debating. Issues like abortion, homosexuality, entitlement, liberal versus conservative issues.

We have taken advantage of the word offend in this country. We are too easily offended and I believe that comes from an individualistic approach to life. We then introduce the concept of political correctness to keep us from offending each other.

All that did is force the opposing sides into silence and built a high stage where the other side can say and do whatever they want. Now the ones that cry “That offends me” are the biggest offenders, giving no regard to the other side. I want my voice back.

What would you do? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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