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"When small businessmen and women are within Dave's influence they always leave more prepared and optimistic for their future success."
I am privileged to work with Dave in bringing business success tools with energy and enthusiasm to the followers of Empowering Small Business. His leadership of his Empowered Small Business team, which I’m proud to be a member, has attracted nationally prominent organizations associated with Howard Partridge and most recently with Tom Ziglar.
– Tom Ziglar | CEO, Ziglar, Inc.

"David has a great understanding of what it takes to succeed as a small business owner."
David is a quality person who has a genuine interest in helping others achieve their personal and professional best. He is an exceptional communicator, trainer and entrepreneur.
I would highly recommend David's services/workshops to anyone who wants to build a successful business.
– Sharon Cirillo CPII CPIW | President, Alliance Insurance

"Dave is at the top of his field."
David is an excellent speaker and coach. His Ziglar Certification plus his vast experience as a small business owner and entrepreneur make him an asset to any company.
– Bryan Flanagan | Executive Sales Educator

"Since joining EDGE, we've had a 60% increase in profits!"
Before I joined EDGE, our business lacked direction. We were slowly growing, but my focus as the managing partner was all over the place. I didn't have a clear idea of where our business was headed. With the help of my EDGE coach and the other business owners in the group, I learned to set attainable, strategic goals. But more importantly, I had the accountability to actually accomplish them.
Since joining EDGE, we've had a 60% increase in profits! If you're willing to put the time in, an EDGE group will take your business to the next level.
– Joel Eschenbach | Owner, NOTION Design Group

"My business stress has gone way down."
Since being on the weekly call Dave and Ron have helped me change my focus from solving problems to building up employees. When you build up and empower your employees they will take care of your business. Dave and Ron are very skilled at helping me dissect my challenges to pinpoint where changes are needed. Being on the call with fellow business owners each sharing their challenges gets you thinking in new ways about your own issues. If you have business or employee problems I would definitely recommend this program.
– Paul Miller | Custom Steel Designs

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