About ESB

Our Mission: To help business owners find FREEDOM in their business, so they can spend more time with their family and friends.

Vision: To be a household name GLOBALLY in the business world.

Our Purpose: To Coach, Train, and Motivate business owners to the level of significance!

Meet The Team

Dave Kauffman

Dave Kauffman

Human Behavior Consultant, Business Coach, Ziglar Legacy Trained & Certified

“My main goal is to help you and your business do whatever it takes to accomplish long-term success in your industry!”

My story began on a large farm in rural GA. It was there that I discovered I was an entrepreneur at the ripe age of 6 years old. I and my very first business partner/sister started my first business together. It was a lemonade stand.

Today I own several businesses, all of which are debt free and profitable. I am a pilot, diver, and inventor, and have spoken to many organizations and am featured on air as well as in print media.

I own Empowering Small Business and help small business owners across the country by Empowering their Dreams of truly owning their business instead of being OWNED by the business.

My sales career began with Hank’s Fine Furniture. Hank was a personal friend of Sam Walton (Wal-Mart). During training I was introduced to some training material from a man with an unusual name and an even more unusual accent. That man was Zig Ziglar…

Zig said, “You can take a southern boy and take him up north and in a couple of months he would talk with an accent, but if you take a northern boy and bring him down south …pretty soon he will be talking normal.” Being from GA I talk “normal” as well, so I immediately felt at ease with Zig! More importantly, I appreciated the deep biblical philosophies behind his teachings. The stories were relatable, down to earth, and moving! I began reading his books and attended some of the “Get Motivated” seminars where he was speaking. Although I never had the privilege of meeting him, I feel as if we knew each other and if we would meet today I’m sure that somehow he’d feel the same way!

Zig’s philosophy of “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want” has had a huge impact on the way that I run my business and conduct my life and has helped shape me into who I am today. Outside of my personal relationship with God, that philosophy has helped keep my life in perspective many times!

Later in my career I had the privilege of meeting another great man, a man that was also impacted by Zig and his philosophies. Of course, I am talking about Tom Ziglar, Zig’s son. Tom and I “hit it off” immediately! His sense of humor and quick wit reminded me of my family. I discovered we also share a “liking” for Alaskan King Crab (ask me sometime).

While in Destin, FL, at the beach, Tom asked to have lunch with my wife Toni and me. “I have something I’d like to talk to you about,” he said. “You’ve been impacted by my dad, right?” he asked. “Tremendously,” I replied. As we continued discussing how Zig impacted my life, I wondered where this was heading.

“So here’s the deal. You’re one of the first ones I’m talking to about this.” He said, “Would you be interested in helping us carry on the legacy and philosophies of my dad? We are looking for someone that is already coaching and speaking and that has a passion to help people and I couldn’t help but notice that you are that person.” I felt so honored and privileged to have this opportunity! I asked him if I could think about it. “Of course,” he said. After 3 seconds I said “Sure I’ll do it!”

Several months later I arrived at the Ziglar headquarters in Dallas, TX, spent a week with the team, and became part of an exclusive, elite group of wonderful professionals who are proud to be called Ziglar Legacy Certified! In fact, there are only 45 ZLCer’s worldwide today!

It is my pleasure to carry on the legacy of Zig Ziglar, a great but humble man who changed millions of lives around the world… including mine!

Ron Klein

Ron Klein

The Grandfather of Possibilities™

Inventor of the Magnetic Credit Card Strip and MORE!

RON KLEIN is an ordinary man who accomplishes extraordinary things. He is a PROBLEM SOLVER. Every solution has resulted in monumental change, either in a new invention or a simple solution. His innovative ideas have changed the world.

Ron’s speaking and teaching focuses on how to succeed by simplifying. He shows you how to establish a business model, set your goals, and not confuse them with the journey of your challenges. He will guide you through the process, and teach you how to find the gift behind each challenge. You will learn how to simplify and understand what you already know. His stories and how he achieved his goals will inspire you to reach YOUR goals. Like magic; your thinking patterns will change!

Ron is a PROBLEM SOLVER. He is the inventor of the Magnetic Strip on the Credit Card, developer of computerized systems for Real Estate (MLS) Multiple Listing Services, Voice Response for the Banking Industry and BOND Quotation and Trade Information for the New York Stock Exchange, plus more.

Ron‘s latest patent is for a device that enables a visually impaired person the ability to identify an item when in physical range of that item. It utilizes a smartphone and special coded adhesive labels.

He was the founder and CEO of his public company, TECHNITREND, INC.

He was the founder and CEO of his company GENERAL ASSOCIATES, INC.

He is a: Speaker | Strategic Advisor | Mentor Entrepreneur | Inventor

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Teresa Bueno

Teresa Bueno

"A business starts as a little spark of an idea... if that spark is started and managed right, then a company can mature into an independent entity."

Teresa was born, raised and educated in Georgia. Her family tree consists almost entirely of the self-employed: farmers, beekeepers, salesmen, shopkeepers, but mostly merchants. Entrepreneurship courses through Teresa’s veins. Her mother taught her to weave potholders when she was only 7 years old. With her potholders in tow, she went door to door selling to neighbors, always investing a portion of her profits into material to make more. She went on to adapt her vast marketing and selling experience to today’s digital marketing world.

Along the way, Teresa founded or cofounded multiple ventures. Her companies were as varied as her interest: drafting/design; a RE/Max real estate brokerage; professional photography; a distance education school; international real estate investing; life and business coaching.

Whether it is a potholder business or a multi-million dollar project, her passion is for the manifestation of intended outcomes that benefit those with an entrepreneurial spirit and the people they serve. She loves to help small business owners succeed in having the business they dream of having.

“A business starts as a little spark of an idea,” Teresa said. "Few make it to start-up much less beyond; some do, only to die an early death. But if that spark is managed right, it can mature into an independent entity that fulfills its greatest potential and serves owners, employees and customers indefinitely. And that’s the opportunity I want for small businesses and their owners--to reach their greatest potential.”

Raj Doraisamy

Raj Doraisamy

“Its not about the technology - its about what the technology must do to your bottom line and customer service satisfaction."

Raj Doraisamy is a CPA turned technologist. His role is managing special projects at Empowering Small business. He also manages the technology used in training programs.

Raj obtained his CPA license in Oklahoma and although he left auditing and accounting to found his own technology company, you will benefit from his ROI, data based methodology of automating your business process to drive more margin to your bottom line. He co-invented the Virtual Video Interview System to automate the job interview before YouTube and Skype were available and successfully deployed and trained customers in the Banking, Call Center, Department of Education, Department of Labor and Law Enforcement sectors. “Its not about the technology - its about what the technology must do to your bottom line and customer service satisfaction. And directing and managing execution of the tech deployment so that mandate is realized. Raj got into mobile with Windows Tablet - before iPhone and Android and has consistently looked for ways to leverage consumer behavior on mobile to add value to client’s offerings and customer experiences. Raj lives in Sarasota Florida with his bride of 27 years. He has 3 children.

Barbara Dee

Barbara Dee

EDGE Peer Group Master Certified Coach

Barbara Dee is the CEO of Suncoast Digital Press. While a dedicated writer and magazine columnist, Barbara is most passionate about working with others – encouraging, teaching, and coaching them to write, finish and publish the book(s) they’ve always dreamed of writing.

Coaching is natural for Barbara as she has extensive training and experience as a professional coach to small business owners, professionals in private practice, and adults with ADHD. She is a graduate and former faculty member of Coach U and achieved the highest credential in the field of professional coaching: the International Coaching Federation Master Certified Coach.

Barbara Dee helps people from all backgrounds become published authors. Though her clients include a 75-year-old gentleman publishing his first historical fiction novel, her specialty is nonfiction business and self-help books whose primary purpose is to catapult the author’s reputation, personal brand, and credibility. She helps people become known as an authority.

As a lifelong entrepreneur, Barbara knows the importance of strategic marketing that helps one stand out, exude excellence, and attract ideal clients. She believes that writing a book does this better and faster than any other means within the professional’s control.

She has three books currently selling on Amazon.com. You Should Write A Book: How To Write What You Know And Self-Publish Your Way To Success is the culmination of her own hands-on experience and expertise in self-publishing. She preaches what she practices, frequently speaking to groups and organizations about the self-publishing revolution.