We help business owners find FREEDOM in their business, so they can spend more time with their family and friends.

Meet The Team

Dave Kauffman

Human Behavior Consultant, Business Coach, Ziglar Legacy Trained & Certified

“My main goal is to help you and your business do whatever it takes to accomplish long-term success in your industry!”

My story began on a large farm in rural GA. It was there that I discovered I was an entrepreneur at the ripe age of 6 years old. I and my very first business partner/sister started my first business together. It was a lemonade stand. Today I own several businesses, all of which are debt free and profitable. I am a pilot, diver, and inventor, and have spoken to many organizations and am featured on air as well as in print media.


To be a household name GLOBALLY in the business world.


To Coach, Train, and Motivate business owners to the level of significance!

Our Values

Small Business Owners

We believe that the backbone of America is made up of the innovative, trail- blazing solopreneurs and small business owners.

A Safe Haven

We dream of a safe haven where these hard working risk takers can come to help one another and most importantly, be helped.

Equipping for Success

Our vision is to equip these individuals with the tools and guidance necessary that will lead them to phenomenal success.

Regular Meetings

We accomplish this through regular meetings where business owners can present a challenge and the group then masterminds viable solutions to that challenge.

Safe, Inclusive Groups

We have created safe, inclusive groups of people that embrace a caring and sharing model. THIS is the foundation upon which joy and abundance rest.

Giving & Growing

We create confident, savvy business people thoroughly equipped to GIVE and GROW.

Stop feeling suffocated by your business…

Leave behind the stress and daily grind of running an ineffective business and instead experience efficiency, profitability and freedom.

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