SEEDS by David Kauffman


Grow Your Business with 31 Entrepreneurial Lessons from the Farm

A parable, or short, simple story designed to communicate a truth, principle, or moral lesson helps the message be more memorable. In Seeds: Grow Your Business with 31 Entrepreneurial Lessons from the Farm, Kauffman uses each “lesson” to reveal proven success principles through stories, illustrations, and examples drawn from everyday experiences. Kauffman grew up on a large Amish-Mennonite farm and his use of vivid imagery and real-life examples makes this book not only memorable but entertaining. His work as a consultant to entrepreneurs, along with his experience owning and operating various companies allows him to infuse each farm metaphor with practical advice for business owners. Just as in Jesus’ parable about sowing seeds, the impact and yield of positive outcomes depends on each reader’s receptiveness and response. In the original parable, when a seed falls on good soil, it grows, yielding thirty, sixty, or a hundredfold.

If you are open to not only learning, but also will follow Kauffman’s “Coaching Points” and make tough choices and changes, this book will enable you to achieve your most challenging goals for business growth and success.

"Often common sense is not converted into common practice. Drawing on his experiences from growing up on the farm, Dave makes some common sense observations and powerfully applies them to both business and life in general. This book will give you practical insights and help you plant seeds for success."
Luke Kuepfer Speaker | Author & Life Coach

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